If Someone Gets Married?

If Someone Gets Married, Than separate But didn't Divorce But The Guy Sleeps With Another Woman That The Wife Told Him Not Too Keep Talking Too But He Refused Too Defriend The Woman When He And His Wife First Got Married Is That Still Considered Cheating? I Believe It Is , Just Want Someone Else's Opinion On It!!!


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  • Yes, I believe it is cheating. Separation in many cases is a period of either cooling off or getting things straightened out; so if there is no intention of following through to divorce then it is cheating. Once the divorce is final, then no it's not.


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  • The grammar and punctuation in this question are atrocious, which makes it difficult to understand the question.
    Why are you starting most words with a capital, instead of just using a capital to start a sentence?

    I gather this couple have ended any relationship and live separately. Their sexual relationship is over, and they only have a financial marriage contract left.

    They can each go and fuck anyone they like, and they are not being unfaithful to the ex-partner they married.

  • I think it's cheating. Unless you have started the divorce process I don't think it's ever acceptable to sleep with someone other than your wife

  • Yes it is!


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  • I don't think it will hold up in a court of law if you are already separated or estranged. Morally no, it isn't cheating as you are split up and live separate lives.

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