Husband tried to cheat, what now?

my husband has a female friend and I message her one time and asked if she knew my husband. She said no never heard of him. She lied. I said he told me you are. She said was. Well today I felt uneasy and suspicious by his behavior lately, so I read his kik. She was on there talking to him. He lied and said he yelled at me for talking to her and that I'm crazy jealous. He wanted to meet her soon he said. She said not ready my heart is broken over her bf leaving her. He wanted pics of her he said. He also told her if I message her on Fb not to talk to me. I'm stuck living with him. I lost my job and can't seem to get one. I don't know what to do. My family won't help either. I'm so hurt.

This friend is the type he likes. He screwed his best friends girl when he passed out drunk.
Why am I getting bashed here? He's the cheater!


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  • I can't believe some of the comments made on here. Ignore those idiots. If you consider what he has done to be of betrayal then that is your decision and your feelings that are hurt.

    Cheating is just a word, its your feelings that count.

    • Thank you finally someone sensitive.

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  • How do you know he tried to cheat? From what you wrote there wasn't any cheating.

    • He's a cheater I found out after I married him.

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    • I blew him last night.

    • But have you been doing it consistently and do you swallow?

  • Try your best to satisfy him in bed. Stop being lazy and making him want to go to other chicks. And it's not like you're not cheating. lol

    • He's a cheater. I found out after I married him.

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    • He's a broke nobody

    • Liar...

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  • It is hard but shall you win your husband again?

    • He has hurt me too many times.

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    • I have no where to go.

    • Let me help you. If you dont have to go anywhere if you are helpless trust And believe Allah. He is more near you from your jugular vein :)