What does this sound like to you?

I'm talking to my ex. Its been a few years and though we've had sex again, we've decided to take things slow. Its a long distance thing and the only way to be physically together is to get married. We almost rushed into marriage before deciding to take things slow. Now the thing is I'm just talking to her.

I'm gonna be home for a weekend this month and I tell her that I hope I can spend some time with her. She says "yeah, just give me a call." When we were together she adored me, if I mentioned coming home she would sound excited.

But it currently seems like I'm just another guy in her life. She still talks to guys she's slept with before. And as far as I know she hasn't slept with them again. But I can't be sure.

Anyway my emotions are like a rollercoaster with her. Every time I get off the phone its like "why doesn't she WANT me?! " Its frustrating, time consuming, makes me skeptical about what she's doing in at home.

I really think, or thought that I was in love with this girl, but I'm just not getting the kind of attention that she once gave me. Although it would hurt to stop talking to her, it seems like its the only option or me. Either get married or give up talking to her.

So I just want peoples' opinions; what does this situation sound like to you? She says she cares about me, once in awhile she says she loves me. But I just don't get that "loving feeling" from her. . Aaaa opinions please!

Yeah I've basically called it off.
Yeah Ive basically called it off.


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  • Ur in love .. how nice .. but not for nothing it seems to be onesided . I can understand how you could be skeptical, frustrated, and feel like this all to time consuming your in love with this girl.. the problem is she doesn't seem as invested as you. Sometimes we hold onto people because of memories .. how we remember them.. 4 most of us reality sets in and you realize that it is possible that 2 people grow apart.. and for the most part it's ok. I think that's what happened with you 2 .. Marriage ??? Please don't don't that to yourself all the love in the world isn't going to change the fact that you two have serious issues .. issues marriage can't fix.. but divorce court can handle.. Maybe its time to let go and let her always be that one good memory.. you owe to yourself


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