If you were virgin and your wife was not. Would the husband miss having married a non virgin girl?

Also if you accepted her past... and she ran away with her previous partner after marraige and cheats you... what would be the situation... n if she comes back and apolozise.. how. should she be treaten?


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  • If she ran off with anyone after you married her, you don't take her back.

    Most women who cheat in marriage (and about 20% -30% will), don't start doing it until 5 years into the marriage. I get the impression that she started much earlier than that, and she's a confirmed cheater. Get her out of your life.

    • yes u have a point... I do feel da same... but sometimes its hard to let her go.. having loved her... thnks for ur tym n opinion..:)

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  • I'm not completely sure how the 'virgin' and the 'cheating' part are related, besides the fact she cheated on you with an ex maybe. Also, your question doesn't really relate to the rest of your story, so what exactly DO you want to know?

    • Apply some of your brain... n you will get ot... their are yhree diffrnt questns... n its written in simple English ... thnks..:)

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    • Well, that all depends on whether or not having a virgin wife is important to you. If you think her being a virgin before she married you makes her cheating on you somewhat more acceptable, fine. But to me it doesn't change a single thing, mainly because I think virginity is completely irrelevant.

    • Ok so its your opinion... I respect it... may be I am still governed by my traditions n Culture... so my opinions differ

  • Divorce, cut her out of her life. Just another reason to not get married.

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