Would you find this "weird"?

So my roommate and I are good friends, and we met because of our mutual friends dating. These friends are now getting married and both my roommate and I are in the bridal party, him a groomsman, me a bridesmaid. My best friend is the bride and the other day she asked my roommate if he would rather be paired with me or another bridesmaid who he has never met because she lives in a different state. His responce was "well 'Elle' and I are roommates so that would be weird." I don't understand why he would find it weird since we are friends already, hence I would like other people's perspectives. Would you find it weird to walk with your opposite sex roommate in a wedding processional?


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  • He is probably hoping to snag a bridesmaid. Stuff happens at weddings.

    • Well stuff isn't happening for him at the wedding since all the other bridesmaids are engaged/married/dating. But I guess he doesn't know that.

    • Argh! It's the wedding from hell! :)

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  • You guys are roommates... not bf/gf. His response is not weird at all.

    • Yeah, but most bridal parties I've been part of, neither the groomsmen nor bridesmaids's significant others were part of the wedding, so you aren't being paired with whomever you're dating. The pairings I've experienced mean nothing.

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  • it would be weird to walk in a wedding with someone that is a good friend of a different gender...

    • The whole bridal party is friends already except that one girl who doesn't live near us so whether I walk with him or one of the other groomsmen, its still someone I'm friends with. I guess its just the roommates AND friends that makes it "weird" though I still feel like that' stupid.

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