With such a high divorce rate these days, do you think marriage is pointless? What are your thoughts/feelings for and against marriage?

What are your reasons for wanting to/not wanting to get married? Do you think marriage is still worth it today with so many divorces?


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  • I believe that the rewards outweigh the risk when it comes to present day marriage. Where society has made divorce so accessible and so acceptable, then it is up to the individuals in that marriage to agree ahead of time that "Divorce Is Not An Option"; my Grandparents, parents as well as my fiancĂ©'s parents have longstanding marriage relationships. (25 years is the least). The common thread, Divorce is Not Acceptable. All three happy thriving marriages, we (my fiancĂ© and I) want that kind of marriage more than anything; the only reason either of us would agree to divorce would be "Gross Infidelity". Both of us absolutely hate people who cheat on their spouse. Marriage is a chance we are willing to take.


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  • its not pointless. thats all i can say really.

    • Why don't you think it is? It just doesn't seem like a great idea to me all the time.

    • it depends where the person is coming from and what experiences they have undergone. and traditional folk will always value the confines of marriage, I think the reason more and more people are now opposing marriage, compared to 10 years ago, may be the divorce rates + casual flings. some people say casual sex has always been around, that's quite true but not like 10 years ago, now we got mass tinder hook ups, adult dating websites have multiplied through the roof, social media and internet activity have made it tons easier and when our generation has that access, well I don't see a good point in getting married either, including the fact that most of our generation can't even find a good job, and the ones that do find one are skeptical about marriage by default due to the circumstances. easy sex, no commitment, all fun, money stays irrelevant, seems like a better deal for the masses these days to not get married.

    • Very well said!

  • Pros
    Security (not promised)
    Child support (not promised)
    A wedding ring
    Happiness (not promised)

    Ads pressure to couples
    One has to suffer in a marriage for it to work
    Less freedom

  • I think that divorce rates are so high because people don't make sure they're getting married for the right reasons anymore.

    • What reasons are you thinking of?

    • Well, some things that are definitely contributing factors are rushing in to things (my dad, who is a baptist pastor, says that you should wait until you've been dating for at least a year), and the fact that people keep mistaking lust for love. It's also worth pointing out that

    • Whoops. It's also worth noting that some sources claim that divorce rates are lowest in times and cultures where the people refrain from premarital sex.

  • Serioulsy

    For a guy, there's nothing to be gained from marriage. Nothing.
    It provides nothing that a BF/GF relationship cannot provide.
    Except risking getting ripped in halves, and having his kids abducted.

    Western women has the world record of divorcing for no particular reason, other than 'I'm not 100% content', leaving many a man emotionally and financially shattered.
    These are stone cold facts,

    For a man to marry a western woman, he'd have to be either completely ignorant, or downright insane.

  • Many people today are idiots, that is all. Many can make it work and it is very rewarding. Just be hinest with yourself if you are not one of the ones who would be able to make a marriage work.


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  • It is worth it and children deserve to have married parents, if a couple doesn't want kids then i don't see the point. What people don't realize is you all get old and ugly this "young" thing is over by 40 at a stretch, and ya still got 50 years or so left.

  • nope. sure, half fail. but the other half doesn't.

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