Is marraige a social institution? If so why do people dont follow the rules n cultures of the society... like not having sex before marraige,?

N not changing bf/gf like T-shirts... having unprotected sex n abortions? a persn who doesn't believe in society how can she belive in marraige n spend the rest of life with one person... why wil she follow the after marraige rules of socoety i. e not hanging n sleeping around with other men.. or women... habits will remain... if the opposite person is also of same type then its ok.. but what if he/she is decent n innocent. n did'nt cross da limits of society? dis wil b unfair for him/her... I am asking from Indian point of view..


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  • Marriage is a financial contract, and always has been.
    What rules ever said don't have sex before marriage?
    Show me those rules.

    • These were set by societies after they felt da need of cultures n to develop a goal or motive to live... in dat way duties were divided on various basis... n also it differentiates humans frm animals... can you show whre it is written people hav to marry in order to live toGether n bring up their offsprings... but still people marries na... if people can do such things without marraige then what is da neccesity of marraige...