How do you become somebody people want to marry?

I think men marry two types of woman
- woman they think will benefit them in some way
- woman they can trust and count on (which is similar to the first one)

I just wonder - when I see woman that aren't the smartest or the best looking or the richest but good enough and they get husbands and children - why did the guy choose them out of the other girls? Why did the lady choose him out of the other guys? Why did they magically decide to get together and start a family when they both could have chosen other people to be with? Can somebody offer some insight?


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  • Some people from the very beginning see something that no else sees in person. I've had crushes on countless girls and couldn't tell you why. It's the way they spoke the ideas they have and the way they carry themselves. It had nothing to do with looks it's personality. When you click with someone you'll know. You don't have to act a certain way just be you. And you'll meet someone when you least expect it. Go out live your life your you and be yourself. If you see someone that stands out to you get their attention. You'll meet someone worth while and they'll like you just as you are.

    • Yeah listen to this guy he knows what he talking about it's those exact words that's he said

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Most people would want a relationship with a partner they can feel comfortable with. That's someone who doesn't stress them and is fun to be with.

    They probably got some of this stuff right.

  • By being sweet to the person you love, taking care of him and letting him take care of you. Cuddle, be there when he needs you, and share happy and sad moments.
    The rest will just happen <3 <3

  • Maybe because they aren't as superficial as other people are. Which is grreeeaaaaaatt!


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  • Reasons why men marry less desirable women?
    Less likely to cheat
    He is truly in love
    Good sex
    She is motherly
    She takes care of him (it's about traditional shit. And also about image)

    People chose partners based on a lot of things

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