What's your opinion on arranged marriages?

Personally, I am against them. The girl I like wants an arranged marriage, she says her mom has better taste in guys and she doesn't want to have to go through the "struggles of dating." What do you think? Are you for or against arranged marriages?

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  • I belong to a country where 90% of the marriages are arranged.

    Advantages :-
    ●Less risk of incompatibility.
    Individuals are perfectly matched on the factors such as religion, culture, social status, financial strength, background, language and similar lifestyle, so the risk of incompatibility is mostly eliminated.
    ●Family support
    Parents and in-laws will provide physical, emotional and financial support. And would help in nourishing the child
    ●Low chance of divorce and prevention from dating game.
    Numbers and facts are there.

    Disadvantages :-
    ●Less understanding
    They don't know each other at all. They are solely depend upon the decision of their family. And the most important thing "love" will be non-existent. It'll (probably) come after the marriage while it should be before the marriage.
    ●Interference of family
    The family would interfere in the matters of couple and in-laws are the most serious problem an individual will face
    ●Bound in relationship forever
    Even if an individual (or both) are seeking for divorce, they'd rather do compromise than living a happy life for the sake of their family and moral values.

    So, it has its own pluses and minuses.
    My parents allow me love marriage but if I failed to find an appropriate partner then they will find it instead.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Personally, I think that arranged marriages are intrusive, inappropriate, and unwise. Marriage is a huge deal: you are literately building your life around one other human being. If their credit is horrible, it effects you. If they want to live somewhere or must move somewhere for work, their struggles become your struggles, and more. It is absolutely crucial to make an informed decision on precisely who that human being is. To decide for yourself as someone who knows yourself best.

    I am totally against arranged marriages. I'd be miserable if my parents tried to do that to me.

  • you know whats weird? I'm 21, and I've been in 4 relationships, I thought f them all as my "husband" one-day, and to be honest, I was so in love! BUT my mom always told me that her opinion is that I won't actually get to the point of marring 3 of the 4... I never understood why, only when we broke up, I saw what an asshole they really were... So my mom always described the kind of guy she thought i would marry... Today i'm engaged to that same guy she always described... She wasn't talking about ANYONE specifically, she told me how he would be etc ... and to be honest, now know why nothing else ever worked out, I'm ready to make this guy my husband! :) # truly blessed

  • to me if my grandma arranged me to marry someone it would really suck because it would be a guy who can't defend himself against women

  • I think a family doesn't have the right to chose who their kid marries.

    • My opinion exactly, but I guess she just wants everything set up for her... Guess that means I need to be best friends with her parents lol

  • Against. It's 2015!!!


What Guys Said 6

  • Depending on what you mean by "Arranged":
    If you mean like "FORCED" marriage, when both parties do not have a word in what is going on, this is basically a risk and the future of this marriage is made by a coin-flip if those 2 people are compatible or not, and I would not advise for such type of marriage.
    And if you mean like "Consult" or "Recommend" that is different idea, where each party "REQUESTS" from a person of "TRUST" and similar virtue to make options on their behalf, however the last word for marriage is for the guy and girl.
    So I vote, C.

  • Arranged marriages actually work pretty well. Countries that practice this have much lower divorce rates than places where we choose partners based off of love only.

    Compare divorce rates between India and the US.
    India it is 1.1% but in the US it is 49%.

    The thing about arranged marriages is that there is love, people dont realize that. They have done studies that show there is more love in an arranged marriage after so long compared to a marriage based off of love. Personally I think feelings are flimsy things and choosing to marry someone off of love alone is a terrible idea - your marriage will fail because you may love them one day and feel nothing the next.

    Maybe they aren't so bad? Not sure my parents would want to find a wife for me though lol.

    • Its not that people who are in arranged marriages dont want to divorce, it is that it is deemed as socially unexceptable, especially in places like India. So many Indian arranged weds are not in love with each other but they know they "cannot" divorce, so they just put up with each other cause they know their purpose is to raise their children. I dont believe there is love between arranged marriages, I think their may be friendship and artificial attraction ( wealth, race) but not necessarily love. But I do agree where you say marriages solely based on love will not last, it is a combination of love and circumstance.

    • When I first heard these things I was somewhat surprised, since it is somewhat taboo I think in the West. But after looking at the information and what people have said I decided that maybe it was not so bad as people in the West think it is.

      "At least 11 studies have compared love or satisfaction in love marriages--also sometimes called "autonomous" marriages, in which people choose their own mates and generally marry for love--to love or satisfaction in arranged marriages. A study involving 50 couples from India suggests that love in love marriages decreases somewhat over time, that love in arranged marriages grows over time, and that love in arranged marriages may ultimately surpass the love that occurs in love marriages (Gupta & Singh, 1982)" www.questia.com/.../how-love-emerges-in-arranged-marriages-two-cross-cultural

      Also check out: iml.jou.ufl.edu/.../traditional.html

  • Against it. If I've learned one thing from Game Of Thrones. It's that arranged marriages tend not to end well.

  • Well it's an archaic and borderline inhumane practice soooo

  • I really don't care about arranged marriages.

  • I'm against it. Getting married to a person I barely know? No thanks, I'll pass on that.