Girls, If your boyfriend was really really disappointed with the proposal and miserable because of it would you let him redo the proposal?

He is really disappointed and miserable because you didn't show that much excitement and you didn't show that you were happy. You were very excited. But you didn't show it. Now he feels horrible and so miserable and has cried so much and really wants a chance at a better proposal. Would you let him propose again in the future?

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  • Just having someone propose to me would make me happy, because I'm not so convince at this point in my life that it will ever happen. However, I'm not the perky bubbly cheerleader type who's so perky it's makes you think they've had one too many cups of coffee. So, I'd probably show joy but not in an over the top way because that's not my personality.

    I will say though, I imagine asking someone to marry you is extremely nerve racking. Since, they either say yes or no. If they say no, it will hurt to be rejected like that. If they say yes, it would make the man happy to get to be with the girl loves forever. With that "yes", does come some expectation from the man in terms of hoping for or assuming he'll get an enthusiastic response with many I love you's thrown in there. So, if all she say is "Yeah okay, sure I'll marry you" in a very monotone way like she's being questioned by the cops. I can see why that might hurt a guy a bit. So, depending on your girls tone of response. I think you should just talk it out with her and tell her how you feel and work it out together. Consider it good practice for marriage.


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  • Oh god, grow up.

  • No, if I didn't show enough excitement for him, that's his issue, not mine, grow up.

    • The fact that a man proposed should be good enough for a woman to feel happy. A man has to judge her excitement during a proposal. And to think that its his issue and not yours and he should grow up, you are not fit to married because you have no empathy

    • Oh well i'm sorry Mr marriage and personality expert. You know me so well from one opinion that you decide how much empathy I have for others, which is normally a lot by the way.

      The way proposals go, just doesn't mean anything to me, I don't need anything fancy or special or mind blowing, i'm not that superficial, which is why I answered the question the way I did.

      He does need to grow up though, if he is so obsessed with a proposal that he insisted on doing it over and also he would seem very pushy/intrusive to me since he wasn't happy enough with my reaction.

  • Shouldn't the answer count? Rather than whether I was excited internally or externally?

    • How can the answer count if you aren't even excited internally

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    • Yes, being excited internally is still being excited but just not showing it that much.
      But as I said I think the answer should matter not whether I was SHOWING lots of excitement or moderate excitement.

    • What if she barely showed any

  • Some people, like me, don't show excitment in situations like that. For my birthday, I rarely show any. I may love it but I rarely show it. She might be super excited but doesn't know how to express it.

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