Scenario : engagement for future reference?

so there is this guy and this girl they are engaged and saving htemselves until their weddign night so anyway they plan a family camping trip for family bonding before the wedding so everybody gets closer then after they camp for like four or six days they will all go back to the girls parents adirondacl house on a lake for rest and relaxtion after they all go camping anyway so the girl has her sisters and her mom and dad adn her sisters husbands and in laws then the guy brings his siblings their spouses and his mom and dad so the enaged girl and guy have their tents set up next to each other the girl and guy are madly in love and she wants to do something romantic for him so she writes him a love note and kisses it so it has a lipstick mark on it and sprays his tent with her perfume and has ros epetals over his sleeping bag in his tent when veerybody goes to sleep that night he find this what would he do next? what would his reaction be? would this be a good romantic present? thank you

Thank you for you opinions this is for future reference for an engagement


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  • that would be a very nice thing to come too. its a romantic gesture fosho and its sweet. what would he do next? well read the note, and then probably go look for her for a romantic experience, possibly a semi-intimate moment as well, not sex.

    • what do you mean for a semi intimate moment?

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    • ok what other sweet things could I write to him?

    • well tbh, sweet things should come from the writer's heart.

  • One very very long run-on sentence, with no punctuation whatsoever. Very difficult to translate.

    • thanks a lot

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    • Agreed. I had a hell of a time reading that.
      Grammar please!

    • well its a long story of how this question got posted so I wasn't to worried I had a heck of a time thanks