Does he want to marry me one day?

Okay here are my signs:

1. He has said a couple times that I am the one
2. He has me spending the night on the weekends and I have a toothbrush and a dresser
3. He says I love you
4. I spend a ton of time with his family and friends
5. He has jokingly called me wifey and said things like my house, car, room, items etc are yours and yours are mine lol
6 He talks about future he wants to go on a trip just me and him this summer.

Negative signs

1. He hates talking about marriage
2. None of his friends are married they all live together
3. He isn't done with college yet
4. Its like dragging him to my family events, not bc he doesn't like my family he just is really busy
5. He knows my financial state isn't great

Soooo what you think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think he likes where you guys are at this point in your relationship. If he HATES talking about marriage, don't bring it up. Ever. That's pressure. Just go with how things are at this point and see if they naturally progress. If they do, you'll know it by his actions, not just calling you his wifey, etc. If they don't, he may just be one of those people who aren't into getting married. But, he's still in college so he may want to just focus on that. Try not to worry about this right now and just live in the moment, as long as both of you are happy with that!


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  • "1. He hates talking about marriage"<---- actually that's a MAJOR sign that he DOESN'T want 2 basically...

  • I'd say its just normal, 50/50, hit or miss.


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  • He doesn't think about marriage