In a traditional arranged marraige... If a husband found out that his wife was not virgin and lied about it before marraige?

N instead she had many sexual partners n short term relationships... while her husband was well cultured n virgin.. how shuold the husband react?


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  • Honestly, she probably hid the truth because she was afraid of what people would think. She has a past and she doesn't want to be judged for it. Seriously though, so what? She's still the same person, and having sex and having relationships doesn't make anyone a bad person. React however you'd like, but just think about it... What kind of man do you want to be? Are you going to give her a chance to show you who she really is, or are you just going to shun her? She's still a human being, be kind. We all change.

    • So she accept her guilt that she has done smthng wrong... so she shud suffer n come out clean... why should the innocent husband suffer... for her mistakes... He did'nt do al dat b4 marraige... he kept himself clean... n she is selfish.. dar she hid a major thing frm her husband for her benefit... isn't it bro?

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    • We blong to a gud soceity n my parents hv respect in da society... if her history cmes in da ears of our society we wil not b able to shw our face... n if she continues her habits even aftr marraige my parents wil die of shame... in my original questn as I said... if she tinks she hasn't done nethng wrong den y did she lied... y she wanted to b in a gud family at any cost... will she not lie to save herself later after marraige also... instead for hr mistakes da husband wil hv to b in fear of STD's, complications during delivery.. etc... unnecessary riskwil

    • I thank u for ur opinion... u tried well to make understand I felt u r definitly ri8 at sme points.. But not al al points may.. be.. al my answers were not fulfilled.. our culture n tradition is difrnt may be so u cudnt make out.. nvr mind.. u were my my Helpful opinion owner... Thnk u

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  • If he doesn't like it, he can just leave her.


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  • He should be happy as a pig in shit. It almost guarantees that he'll have a sex life if the marries her.
    In some countries where virginal arranged marriages are common, about 1/3 of couples have still had no sex at 2 years after the wedding. For some unlucky men, that will still be that case 15 years after the wedding.

    • Oh if enhances sex life then it will also brings fears as well.. if she is so desperate for it... she may also find differnt means to fulfil her desires n for variety... hanging around with other males in husband's absence... she will not hold herself... n.. as u said having sex sex b4 marraige with diffrnt partners wil make her sexually active.. that would b a big shame for him n his family... if asked she wil reply" this is comon now a days... grow up... I cn go anywhr.. I can sleep with anyone.. I hav right to do what I want" then hw would that family feel... thier al reputation n sacrifices wil go down..

  • the guy must change his standards basically instead of being old-fashioned and stubborn

    • How being cultural n holding a gud habit lower his standards? the girl did wrng.. n also hid it frm her husband who shared difrnt thought... she may hav continue to love n relationship without sex... does'nt she khow dat da guy may leave her after getting her body.. such. girls much get matured.. they hear al around dat many guys go after girls for her body... not for love... n they should b aware of it... she made da mistakes even afer knowing al dis.. or even she did'nt khow.. den also its she who is old standards.. bcz she does'nt khow about da current trends of such boys.. isn't it?