Live with me before proposing?

We've been long distance for two years. He wants to move in with me next year (making it three years we've been together before the move). He says he loves me and we've casually talked about a future together. However, he says that he wants us to live together for at least year before he even considers proposing to me. He can't say for certain if I'm the one.

Does he really need to live with me for a year before he can propose?

Guys (and girls) ... what's really going on?

If it helps, he's going on 29 and I'm going on 28.


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  • living together is like playing house. it's a way to avoid committing while pretending that you're all grown up.

    my prediction is that if you move in for _at least_ a year, that there'll always be an excuse why he doesn't want to get married. first, he'll want to pay off his student loans. then, he'll want to get a promotion. then, he'll want to save up for the wedding. then...

    meanwhile, you're approaching 40 years old and wasting your time with a guy who simply doesn't want to get married.

    so I advise that you not move in, and also suggest that you re-evaluate whether or not you're wasting your time with this guy. if he doesn't know about marriage after 2 years, he'll never know.

    good luck


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  • Don't do it. My friend and her ex got in a huge fight about this very thing and they broke up...well he begged her to come back to him and he promised to propse to her and they moved in together. That was a year ago! He was supossed to propose soon after that but he never did. and he's always making excuses why not to. So she's living with him, with no ring, no commitment...


    You know what you want, he doesn't that simple. JUst tell him it seems like you two have different goals and wants and you'll have to part ways if he has no intention of being married in the near future.

    After two years he should no if you're the one or not. He just sounds like in azzhole who is STRINGING YOU ALONG. If he's not sure you're the one...why is he going to waste a year of you're life if he's not sure? Why woud you let him waste you're time if he doesn't even know if you're the one?