What is the difference between marrying a virgin girl and a girl with multiple past partners? If a virgin boy marries da second type of a girl?

Then what would he miss... as da girl won't miss?


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  • He wouldn't miss much
    A lot of cultures just put a lot of emphasis on it for different reasons.

    Sex creates certain types of bonds with people, it's said that when you lose your virginty to someone it creates a strong bond. Likewise there's a joke about when a boy "non virgin" takes a girls virginity, he won't be able to get rid of her. Because of the emotional attachment; bond that comes with sex especially with virgins. So you lose out on that because she already gave it someone else. But there will no doubt still be a bond.

    Some people also worry with a virgin marrying a non virgin. The mom virgin will possibly seek more experienced partners if the virgin cannot sexually suffice to what she's used to. So that's pressure on the boy to perform but of course practice makes perfect.

    Others just like the idea of purity and knowing he/she hasn't slept around too much. Which can be shameful. Me personally I'm a virgin but I doubt I will marry a virgin and his sexual past wouldn't bother me much unless it was severe like several people. Ex a guy whose slept with 1-2 people compared to one whose been with 20-30. I would reject guy two, not because of his virginty status but because he just easily gave it away to so many.

    I personally have a friend now from college. She graduated with around 30 sexual partners. She was surprised that majority of people only had 1-2 and thus began to lie about it. So the shame factor is real. One guy even dumped her because he found out the truth later.

    • how did the guy find out she lied?

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    • But I'm still modern ^_^
      I party and drink occasionally, I just don't have sex.
      Can you handle that

      But agree people with no to few partners is best
      For you especially if you have strict culture :)

    • Yes Can handle... enjoying is not bad but it should not hamper others life... N my friends also drink and party... but stil I stay wid them... but crossing limits (virginity)... I won't b able to

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  • What's "da" stand for?

    Sorry, I suck at text speak.