Guys and girls, if a guy knock his girlfriend up and they love each other, will he be willing to engage/marry her immediately? And vice versa?

If they have been dated for quite a long time, will they be willing to marry each other?

  • Guy will; girl will.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the culture,

    If they're American than it's unlikely they'll marry each other just because of a child. There are many people whose parents never married. If they have multiple children it's likely they may get married later.

    Like my uncle ex. On/off again girlfriend child of 9yrs but she has another on the way, so he married her immediately. He didn't like the possibility of being on/off again. Where she could kick him out and he not see his kids like he wanted. Which by the way happened with the first child, temporarily but it happened. Now it's kind of like you're stuck with me ;)

    If they're from another culture like Asian, Native African "like in Africa", Indian.. Etc I'd assume they'd already be married before a kid because it's kind of taboo to have premarital sex/kids. However accidents happen, people break rules.. So if someone did I definitely think there would be pressure to marry from both ends. If he were a good boy he'd do so immediately.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't man marriage is overrated these days it seems. Statistically marriages fail more now days then ever before. But I'd say it depends on how in love you are with her, make sure the kid is yours, and talk to her about it. What are your plans in the future down the road? Rhetorical question.
    Just be careful.


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  • Sometimes people will want to get married and other times they won't. It just depends on the people, their relationship, and their situation.

    • Right, but can you make some typical examples?

    • No becuase these situations can't be generalized. Every person is different and every relationship is different therefor all the reactions to this situation are different.

  • It would depend on the people, how they feel each other, their values , and their families/culture.

  • Maybe but now people think that marriage is overrated

  • It depends on who they are and the situation


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