If a husband finds difficult to get over his wife's sexual past n no. of partners. How should the wife confront him?

Consider wife lied him about her past n said she had only one relationships before. Now as he came to know she had many he fears of health n sexual diseases issue n complicacies that may come in his life due to multiple partners... how can the wife bring him back to normal


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  • Well it's hard to reasonably confront someone when you're not being reasonable

    " he fears of health n sexual diseases issue " ya I think since you're married you'd know by now and clearly she's fine

    "complicacies that may come in his life due to multiple partners." - such as

    In general I would have said tell her something like "I'm having trouble accepting the lie you told, because you lied about something that is important to me. I believe sex should be special and it hurts that you don't feel the same way" But clearly that's not the part that is bothering

    • Thank u.. but wil da husband b able to get normal in da relationships

  • i don't think it's about the wife doing anything... she already lied and broke the trust...
    it's the hustand who will have to make a decission. forgive her, or dont... :(

    • ya ri8... would he forgive...

  • She really can't. She lied to him. That's why I think people need to be open about their sexual histories before getting into a relationship because something like this can forever change the relationship.

    • Still a try

    • Her telling him that she wanted to spare his feelings or that she had thought that he had slept with as many women as she had men wouldn't really help.

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  • See there is a reason why religion told us to marry virgins because they are pure and without any harmful past.