Will an educated traditional husband marry a non virgin girl?

Wil a traditional educated virgin husband marry a non virgin girl who had manny hook ups? will it be like hitting ones own foot?


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  • With traditional people, its not a marriage between 2 individuals. Its a bond between 2 families. So, it is highly unlikely, if not impossible.

    • ;yes.. its not a contract for them..

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    • Welcme.. u help me find people like me... bst wshes

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  • I would think that a traditional guy would go for a traditional girl. Usually from his own culture but if he just happens to like a girl and she just happens to not me a virgin.

    If he can get over that, sure he can marry her. Why not

    It happens, I mean I've reads stories specifically with Muslims like making the girl convert and repentance ceremonies for not being a virgin. Happens within other religions/cultures too
    But it's rare

    Usually the family will interfere when a traditional boy tries to marry a non traditional girl.

    • Excellent.. answer.. thank u

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