Getting married in August and my fiancee is starting to over think everything about the wedding, what can I do to calm her down (i tried everything)?

Nothing is wrong between me and my financee but she is really overhtinking this weading. For example like seating plans to the simple thing like the flowers. She has driven me crazy about the wedding. She acts as if we have one week to go lol. I'm very laid back and i said something very very bad apprently. She asked me what if it rains and i told her "i don't care". Well that was the wrong answer and she got mad. Why is she acting like this when we got months to go? I tried everything to make her feel calm but nothing is working.

Can any of you ladies help out or even if you went through this "phase". My last resort is literally taking her for a cruise or somthing like that just so she can get her mind off of it.


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  • Most girls go crazy about wedding plans because they want everything to be perfect and as close to the idea they have in their heads as her dream wedding. Me not so much, I'm planning a simple small wedding.

    I would suggest you take her out for a FULL day of pampering and tell her to take it easy with the plans BC it will turnout wonderfully BC it's y'all's wedding.

    We're putting most of our money to the honeymoon, not the wedding. Maybe suggest to her to not focus soo much on the fine details.

    • We're both Greek so we're having a huge wedding and family is coming over from Greece and in all honesty i think we bit off more than we can chew. We have too man people coming (in my opinion) and she is freaking out about the small things too. I'm more laid back. I will do something so she can forget about it. I was thinking of going to Florida for a week and just relaxing and what not. She's just really excited.

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    • i told her to actually start packing her bag and take a week off work and she keeps bugging me lol, i think i'll tell her one week before we go. I'm going to plan the flight and hotel in these days. Thanks for the help :)

    • Lol no problem

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