Saving my marriage?

I've been married for a short 8 months but have been with my husband for about 4 years. We have been trying for a baby for about 2 years now. Not being able to get pregnant is killing us. We are arguing about stupid stuff and things aren't how they should be. I know it's because of the stress. But still I need some ideas on what to do. what ideas do you have for a relaxing night or weekend away, we love each other more than anything and just need something fun to remind us. Thanks in advance


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  • Have you gone to fertility clinics?

    • We did a couple rounds. It was just a lot for my body

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  • You guys show go to an amusement park. The roller coasters always whip away the worries and get you laughing and screaming. Or roller skating.

    • Thank you! Didn't think of that it's a great ideA. Who wouldn't have fun at an amusement park :)

    • Your welcome, hope you two have fun :)

  • Take a vacation, plan a trip. This way both of you can relax and spend time together. As for conception, I sure hope you are having frequent unprotected sex during your fertile days?