How to have the perfect wedding planning without breaking the bank?

I just got engaged and need help planning a wedding and also I'm wondering if this was a good proposal?
okay so im the guy who has been talking about his girlfriend of 9 months lately on this site anyway we were at my grandmas house last night and i was showing her one of the rooms and in it was an old jewelery box with a family ring and i told her that the ring was meant for me to give to my future wife i then told her how i thought i would never get to use the ring and it was pointless to have it and then i started talking about her and how lucky i am to have her and at that moment i knew the time was right so i took the ring out got on one knee and before i could even say anything she kissed me and started screaming yes. now i have never been happier in my life just to think one year ago i was a kissless virgin and now i am going to get married and she is estactic i have never seen her so happy in her life she can't stop looking at the ring and she keeps on calling me hubby and i keep on calling her mrs mcdonald (my last name) we have already discussed planning and we both agreed to not have the wedding for at least two years a little bit about us i work at a comic book store and she is a proffesinal makeup artist and we both plan on moving out of NYC to long island so i can go back to my old job which pays very well and she is looking to start her own beauty saloon. i am 24 and she is 22. we both agreed on kids she wants a boy and i want a girl so we are going to aim for two to four. now her family is not supportive of her marrying me and has now officillay cut her off finnacly from her family and her dad has even told her he won't be at the wedding so we are going to pay for it ourselves with the help of my family we both want a medium sized wedding but we both dont have a lot of money she has already started looking at dresses online. so we are planning this wedding on a budget and dont want to spend more than a 100,000 dollars and we both have agreed that divorce isn't an option and that we will both grow old togther. we have also decided to get tattos of each other names on our arms and i need tips on how to plan a wedding and how to survive the engament and how to have the perfect wedding without breaking the bank

about the 100,000 dollars we both dont actually plan on spending that much but that is just the most we plan on spending


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  • First of all, congratulations on your engagement! This is going to be a very exciting time in your life that you'll never forget, and these two years of planning is an experience you won't have again, and it's a bit like a kid looking forward to Christmas.

    You should start arranging right now for someone to perform your legal ceremony. If you are both religious and wanting a member of the clergy to do it, then book them now. If you want a marriage commissioner, contact your vital statistics office in the city/region you wish to be married. Also, if you and your family are going to budget for this wedding, you may want to speak with your bank about a loan. I'm sorry to hear that her family refuses to attend or help with this, but it's not uncommon. In a lot of cases there are disapproving families who try and make a statement by not being there, and if they do this, remember you are not marrying THEM you are marrying your fiancée. It's just unfortunate that as the bride, she has to go so far without the love and support from her father.

    But anyway, with that said, I am happy to read that you are willing to plan this for two years. I'm not exactly sure why you need such an expensive wedding though. Maybe it's just where I come from, but weddings can be the most beautiful things without being so grandiose. Some of the most beautiful weddings I've been to took places at barns, backyards, and beaches. Are you getting married for everyone else or is there some other reason why things need to be perceived as impressive. You are starting out together and I just think so much of that cash can go to your new home, and if you say you're having this many children - in trust for your children.

    By the way, your proposal sounded very sweet, very real and from the heart at a perfect moment. As a woman, I know my husband did something similar, give me a ring that I had no choice in how it looks, then we also bought rings for ourselves - one I could select as a wedding band. So now, I use the other ring as a dress ring and wear the band I chose all the time. I just think something like this shows that you respect your fiancée's individual taste and to give her the choice of being pleased with something she will always look at on her hand. The ring from your grandma is a nice sentiment, but just about every girl would like the opportunity to have a say in her ring. Even Kate Middleton is wearing different rings along with the Princess Diana ring.

    • Anyway, good luck, and all the best. :)

    • she loves the ring and i asked if she wanted to buy her own ring and she personally said no so were both good

    • Great, then all sounds well with you both. I hope you have a great wedding and marriage. :)

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  • First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Happy you are!
    What concerns the wedding planning - trust these issues to professionals and they will make your day special! We had a hotel wedding in Bali, organized by a wedding organizing company . Every detail was perfect! We enjoyed the day without having to tend to the details.

  • you need to hire a weeding planner.

    • we both plan on doing that

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  • Congrats. I would get married in church and hire a planner. Churches have benches so you don't pay for chairs. They also have tables and kitchens so the food can be cooked their unless you want to hire a catering service.