I brought up marriage a few times..his answer is when you're divorced we will sit down and talk about it?

is this his way of getting around the subject? he knows I been trying to get out of this relationship for 2 years its finally coming to a head? I been seeing him a little over a year and a half we have so much in common we laugh never fight..so why the run around answer? curious..


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  • He's being refreshingly honest. You're "off limits" until you're divorced.

    Beware that this would not a 'repeat relationshiup'.


    • Ty for your answer ..it says it all.. I agree just needed to hear it from another man..thxs

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  • you're still married, that's not a run around answer, that's the truth. honestly, it sounds like you're having an affair, and you're trying to jump from one marriage to another, but you don't want to quit what you've got now until he promises to marry you. pretty messed up.

    and of course you never fight, you don't have a REAL relationship. its an affair. once you start living with him, and spending most of your time with him, both of you will start finding a lot of things about the other person that you can't stand, and there will be fights. right now, there's no expectations. lol, of course, now you've got the expectation for him to marry you, and he's not keen on jumping into something so fast, especially with a woman who is currently married. sounds like you're going to have one heck of a first fight.

    it doesn't take 2 years to get a divorce, if you really wanted one. I don't blame the guy for his response to the marriage issue.

    • Im with him 2 weeks a month we togather 24/7.. reason for delay of divorce is due to finances ..not a game and he does no that.. ty for input thou

  • Maybe he feels as though you're giving him the run around by bringing up marriage to him before you're divorced from your current husband, so he feels a run around answer is appropriate. Start showing you're serious, and he'll probably afford you the same courtesy

    • I am trust me.. if it wernt for my finances and a fighting x this be over a long time ago.. ty for advice

    • Ah, that is understandable, to me, but I'm not the one you need to convince! Best of luck to you though.

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  • Marriage is a big deal and you are not even divorced. I don't blame him for not wanting to rush into anything. Most guys are not dying to get married anyways, though many who do are very happy to do so. In our age group (over 45) we've been there, done that. Marriage has certainly lost it's romantic appeal for me. I still love having a long-term relationship, but I am done having kids, so marriage is not something I care to do now and he may be in the same boat.