The leftist are real racist, they even believe blacks and Asian are not able to kill?

1) leftist even believe most series killer are whites.

the truth is - 40% series killer in USA are blacks.

800 out of 2000.
Here's a surprising look at the average serial killer

2) leftist get another dumb idea, they think 2/3 of series killers are in usa.
what fools!

they think blacks aand Asians can't kill, hahaha

mongols killed 1/3 of people world population.
Pol Pot killed 1/3 of people in his country.

japan killed 30 million chinese and other east Asian in wwii. USA saved china.
Second Sino-Japanese War - Wikipedia
Manila massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nanking Massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

chinese general Huang Chao killed all whites, all arabic people, all foreigners in china.
Huang Chao - Wikipedia

chinese king Ran Min killed all whites, all foreigners (over a million) in his country.
Ran Min - Wikipedia

the stupid leftist believe there are only 30 series killers in china. lol
9 Grim Facts About Serial Killers You Wish You Never Knew

There are 30,000 series killer in china maybe is the fact

Daoxian massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Daoxian massacre, or Dao County massacre

Yang Xinhai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (he killed 67).


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  • Here's the issue with your theory about serial killers...

    MOST captured serial killers that murdered ritualistically... The same setup or appearance of victims, are white males... Have very high intelligence levels and are single and socially awkward...

    How did we catch them? Profiling... We can determine the social status, likely locations of future murder, appearance of the likely victims, dates, times, etc of future murders all because we have studied, documented and practiced profiling serial killers... Feeding people misinformation or intentionally restructuring facts to suit your specific opinion is wrong and doesn't change the fact that you're wrong once you log off this site.

    You cannot compare... Ritualized serial murders to school massacres or local random crime... The mind set is completely different...

    Serial killer= organized, patterns, ritual, similar victims, not random
    Killer- school shooters, murderers, no plan, random, violent, public, no pattern, murdered kids, drugs,

    • Or, I could say that violence and sociopathic tendencies tend to be more common among white people...

      You do realize that being a serial killer is NOT a testament to how amazing your race is, correct?

    • You should probably not use google and wiki-anything, for useful meaningful arguments...

      Read Vulture, Mindhunter, the profiler or a few hundred other fact based books written by fbi profilers... Or psychologists...

      Wiki-killers is BS!

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  • Whatever you say, 'fckubreasts'.

  • What's your problem then?

  • "1) leftist even believe most series killer are whites.

    the truth is - 40% series killer in USA are blacks."

    so they're right? 60% is still most lmfao

  • Surely you have something better to do with your time. Your screen name gives me all the information I need to not bother reading anymore of your posts. Seriously, put that energy into doing something productive.

  • traditionally racism is a nationalist feature, which is extreme right wing


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  • as far as i know most racists r right-wing... 8)

  • what is a lefties? i don't know politics :D

  • Why is this in the marriage and weddings category?

  • You just can't accept that the majority of serial killers are white.

  • Lefties don't know they're born, I fucking hate socialists.

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