You're engaged and fiance is away on work... how to keep connected?

, my fiance is away on work has been 4months now :( and has recently felt distant, he feels I'm moody. but I can't help being on the other side of the country to him. I msg him all day everyday and he replied midnight-6am. its the only time I can talk to him bcuz his working. and of course I'm tired because I'm sleeping but I wake up because only time I can talk.

basically want advice, how can I change his mind that I'm not moody and sweep him off his feet. like the perfect poem or something? I send photos but doesn't resond to them, I just don't no what to do and want to keep connected!


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  • I agree with the poster below fewer messages during the day. Make the messages short and simple so he doesn't have a chance of to read "moodiness" into the message. Short and sweet like: "Just thinking of you," "I miss you," " love you," etc... When you talk to him at night, think about him being in bed with you. You're sleepy; so, talk pillow talk. Hope that helps.


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  • I would stay away from messaging him all day everyday. That sounds annoying to me.

    My advice, try to call or video chat instead of IM or email. If you need to email or whatever, keep it to a reasonable amount like once or twice per day. Of course you seem moody if he reads a dozen different emails all at once! That compresses a whole day of moods into five minutes of reading.

    Make sure you're engaging him and hearing what he has to say. And make sure the things you tell him are things you really want him to hear. He doesn't want to hear every little detail of your day. Make your communication matter.

    And make sure you flirt with him! Try phone sex or cybersex if you haven't.

    And never give a guy a poem unless he's specifically into that kind of stuff!