Has anybody in real life actually stopped two couples at a wedding when the pastar says if anyone is against these two getting married speak now?

When the pastar says if anyone is against these two couples getting married speak now or forever hold your peace does anybody in real life charge through the door and says I object like how you see in the movies
skip to 19:31

skip to 19:31 of video if you don't know what i am talking about


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  • I'd like to.

    • Ay, I'd also like to, if for a good reason. Like my future daughter ever getting married to a guy I dont like. I'd totally do it.

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    • me too, I won't let it go ahead if I don't agree with it.

    • and it'd be kinda funny to see the look on people's faces!

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  • My biggest concern would be, I just wasted thousands on a freakin' wedding ceremony and NOW you tell me this? Those thing aren't cheap. I'd feel bad for just that reason alone though. If they really shouldn't marry, I'd shut up til its all paid off first lol.

  • I've never done it before but years ago I've seen this video (not from a movie) of a real wedding where this girl stood up and say something like, u shouldn't marry her because she is a freak. I thought to myself how is that a bad thing lol but i guess she meant freak as in she gets around. Im also guessing the girl was someone the groom has been with.


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  • hahahha no.. i don't go 2 weddings anyway :)

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