To all the folks who ARE married or who HAVE BEEN married - what three things do (did) you and your spouse argue most about?

I'm not married - never have been - but in discussions with married friends the top three topics of contention in the marriage were:
Communication (from the wife - not enough)
Finances (from both - not enough)
Sex (from the husband - not enough)
What are yours?


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  • 1. Extended family by far!!!
    2. Lack of communication
    3. Finances/business decisions


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  • My cousin is married though I am not and they argue the most about
    - my cousin refuses to admit when she is wrong. She denies any claim that objective morality exists and will only do what is right when there are consequences for not doing what is right so she will be rude to a waitress after they serve her her meal or she will honk at a random stranger in front of her who might be driving too slow.
    - she does not respect the rights of other people to dignity and self-respect - she only recognizes their right for money and food. Her husband yelled at her because she would not let me pay for my food with my own money but insisted on paying for me even though I felt like accepting money from others was dishonest.
    - she is too careless and not careful enough socially. She left her pearls in the car trunk cause she did not want the waitress at the restaurant to think she was rich and she got yelled at because somebody might hijack the car if they see her putting pearls in the trunk.

    • WOW. Very detailed and DAMN!

    • Refusing to ever even consider the possibility that you are wrong is the definition of a God complex. let your cousin know this.

  • Finances, our lack of communication and both not thinking the other does enough in the relationship.

  • Finances
    Kid issues (school, health, sports)
    House rules


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  • Communication, jealousy and drinking.

    Communication is both of us, we work on this every day. I don't tell her enough and she tells me too much.

    The jealousy and drinking are both her. From problems in her past.

    We get through it all somehow though. Love is a powerful thing.

    • Appreciate the openness and honesty sir.
      Cheers to you (well, maybe not to her!) Sorry! Too soon?

    • Haha nope. Luckily that one is behind us now. Mostly lol

  • she doesn't like my music... awww :(