I have some prefrences
Highly important :-
1. agiantst the violance and valgarity
2. understanding and acceptance
3. always have to try to be a good human
4. who can understands others bad postion and helps them instead of making fun of them.
1. she dont need to approch me but if she loved she has to approch (such a mind set).
2. if she has a job then she shoulf pay in dates as well insted of think like it is man job.
1. i have no prefernce over size of boobs or butt.
2. job or jobless, i dont care but education is important.
3. no need of religion, race, national, skin, poor...
What fo you think of my prefrences, can i get a nice girl😊
And if you want share your prefrences, share it😀

I know the word adjustment😊


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  • Preferences aren't bad, but understanding is needed. If a girl doesn't necessarily "fit" your list but is still pretty great for you then would you be willing to still try and make things work? No one is perfect and a girl that fits your preferences may or may not be out there. If you really want a girl that fits that criteria, go for it. But if a girl that has most of those qualities work, super! You can expand your pool of potential mates without lowering your standards. Sorry if all of this is confusing.

    • Thanks that is a great but I think and think about my preferences and checked twice those all proves her good character that is why I made this list😊

    • Well it's at least great that you know what you want in a mate and are determined to find such a person and I salute you on your quest.

    • Thanks for understanding and for your opinion😊

  • So you prefe a very, very nice and kindhearted girl. There is nothing wrong with that. But finding such a girl in today's society may be a hard task since they are overshadowed by the more shallow drama queens and b**ches.