OK, so I met someone at an event that we both went to. She's engaged, and unloaded on me how bad her relationship is and that they're going to therapy to see if they can work things out. I've seen her a few times since, we drive there together, we even went out for dinner last night alone. Its obvious that we both like each other, but she seems to really want me to give her a signal that if she dumps her fiance I'll be waiting for her. I will be waiting for her -- but I want her to dump him without any interference from me, so I'm playing it low key. Do you think I'm doing the right thing, or should I just tell her how much really do like her?

Thanks :)


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  • Why? So she can do it to you later? Why kind of woman talks to her a strange man about her personal problems? If she does leave him for you what's stopping her from going back to him or another when she becomes mad at you. Who knows maybe she finds you attractive and wants to have an affair. There are plenty of single women in the world that you can feel the same way about. Just my opinion.


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  • Just be careful with this girl, she is unloading on you (a stranger) how horrible her relationship is with her fiance and seems to be looking to jump right into something else. Be wary she doesn't have a lot of baggage and isn't just using you to jump from guy to guy to guy etc.

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