What's being married like?

I'm 25 years old and my fiance is 30. We are engaged to be married. This would be her second marriage. Does anybody know what being married is like? I'm new to this.


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  • First off Congrats!! when's the big day?

    for me it's about the same as it was when I was dating and then engaged to my wife. we lived together for 2 years prior to getting married so...

    honestly even without living together I think it would feel much the same. we haven't changed and a marriage is only a ceremony and shouldn't really change too much about your relationship

    • In a few weeks. It took a lot of planning though.

    • yeah the planning is rough... I got married last September... enjoy the day dude, I know my wedding day was really special

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  • It's great, there's a lot of trust! There's also a lot of freedom, u guys don't have to be together all the time like when u were dating, because u both know your coming home to each other at the end of the day! Also every big decision such as big purchases, finances and maybe even having a kid, all that is talked about


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