What are some signs that a man is ready to pop the "Big Question"?

My boyfriend has recently brought up some conversations about our future together and where he sees us down the road in a few years. For example, one night while we were talking about how I was going to pay for college after my scholarship runs out, he suggested that if I was his wife he could take care of it. He's in the military and he told me he could get the military to pay for it. Also, the other day after we all got done eating Thanksgiving dinner, we all started talking about gift ideas for Christmas. Well, my boyfriend asked my mom what she wanted for Christmas. My mom joked around and said she wanted a grandson. My boyfriend said it would be a little hard before Christmas, but he would love for me to be the mother of his children. He also said he considers me, my parents, and my two little sisters as part of his family.

My boyfriend cares about me a lot. He spoils me all the time, and when I've had a hard day at work, he fixes me dinner and surprises me and brings it to me during my lunch hour. He's introduced me to his family and let me in on his real feelings. He's let me know his ambitions and dreams. He tells me he loves me all the time, and he's told me he's never felt this way about another person before. Every time he talks about the future he talks about it with us and not just him. Like, I'm always with him when he talks about places he would like to visit, and when he talks about jobs he wants to have in the future, he wants to make sure he makes enough money to take care of me, too.

Could he be thinking about making me his wife in the future? What are some other signs to look for?


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  • You have a keeper! Damn, from what you have mentioned here, this guy really cares a lot about you as a part of himself; it takes a very self-less individual to accomplish this.

    The fact that he spoke with your mother about the grandchild, rings out dedication to you as an individual. He alway asserted to his desires with you, so he is acknowledging those moments in life and dwelling on the moment.

    I'm jumping with anxiety looking for when he will propose; the anticipation is killing me! Furthermore, I would recommend that you maintain patience and be who you have been, obviously it's working and he cares about you alot.

    Other signs to look for:

    - Don't look ^_^ Suprises make us nervous which is an excellent feeling to embrace


    - If he is hanging out at jewelry stores often

    - If he comes home with a box that is 1'' x 1'' that has a bow tie around it

    - If he tries to hide a box that size from you

    - If he asks your friends to come with him to a jewelry store

    - If he asks the size of your ring finger


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  • Could he be thinking about making me his wife in the future?

    He shows all the appearances he does indeed.

  • sounds to me like you've gotten yourself an amazing guy, and from the way he treats you/your family and the things he's saying, he's definitely got the idea of marrying you on his mind. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes really soon.


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  • it's hard to say. my friend go recently married. she was living with her fiancee for a while so that's one sign and he works full time and they're so close. they do everything together. it's hard to say because they want to surpise you :). I think your man really wants to be with you, best wishes. :D

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