How long should I wait to hear from him?

I spent the night at his house Friday night. We didn't have sex and he knows I won't and that I don't do that with anybody unless we're in a relationship. Earlier this week we went to dinner and we hung out last weekend too. It's been a day since I stayed over there and I haven't heard from him-- is this bad? How long should I wait? I'm assuming I should let him contact me?


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  • OMG...It is only one day. First of all you guys are just dating and he knows your not going to give it up unless your in a relationship. That's great now go about your life as usual make plans hang out with friends or family, read a good book or work or complete a project you were doing I pretty sure he is doing the same. Don't put your life on hold for no man and do not tx, IM or email or call that's just being insecure and desperate. If he wants to see you or call he would do it. Don't assume anything take things slow get to know him, if he just wants sex you will not hear from him "no love lost" he was not worth it in the first place. Men don't go about obsessing over women the way we do. Hang in there! Don't call and if he does and your engage or have plans don't cancel and run over. Say your busy and tell him when you are free next, trust me if he respects you and care he will accommodate you and not the other way around.