Girls, how do you let the past go?

My husband has done things in the past like looked up photos other women and has lied about small things before that seemed big at the time of course now there petty. But the photos happened recently and I want to let it go and just forget about it. I have never been a very secure person. By that I mean I've always been insecure until I meet him and until these things started happening and now I'm going crazy thinking I'm not enough that he's cheating and we fight all the time Now I just want to let it go and forget. He's never cheated on me. And I just move on from this and be happy again. But. every time I try I go back to thinking these horrible thoughts. So how do I move on and let go of what he's done in the past?


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  • it depends if i want to or not.
    as for this... i swear if he wasn't ur husband id tell u to leave. but u need this to work. first, u need to confront him. u tell him how u feel and u need to reach a conclusion where u know it isn't gonna happen again. u need him to prove his love for u.
    second, u heal, and u understand him [if he's to be understood]. male desire in general is weird. sometimes they dont think. i dont think it's always an excuse, but sometimes it needs to be.
    as long as he still loves u, and u want it to work, u can get through this. it just needs effort- from both of u.

    • We talked the day that happened. After I calmed down of course because I threw everything he owns at him including pictures of me and him and my wedding ring and told him to leave. But when I found out that they were from years ago I calmed down. They were on his email from years ago and he accidentally downloaded them to his phone that's how I found them. He promises he'll never do it again and since then he's been great. He's been so sweet and also he smashed his phone to prove he's not cheating on me so now he doesn't have one. lol but I still feel the way I did when I first found those pictures. And I just wanna let it go. Everyday gets better and better but I still have those thoughts in the back of my head.

    • And when I asked him why he looked at those photos in the first place instead of deleting them he told me he wasn't thinking about me when he did it and that he's so sorry for doing it. Since than like I said he's been great showing me that I'm sexy enough and he comes home from work and calls me beautiful and kisses me like he hasn't kissed me in a long time lol

    • well, if things r truly working out for u then I'm happy y'all managed to move past it. i do advise u to always be careful though. dont let him get too comfortable. he needs to know you'll be very alert from now on.

  • Are you certain he hasn't cheated on you b4?

    • Well I have looked through his phone and have gotten back deleted text messages but nothing came up. The pictures he looked at were from a girl he knew years ago. And she sent them to him years ago he just still had it on his email. The only reason why I found them is because he accidentally downloaded them his phone. I saw that they were from 2012 a year before we got together, so I know they weren't recent and I know he's not cheating on me.

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    • Thank you!

    • You're welcome