When I get married, this is how I'm gonna propose.

I'm Jewish. my favorite holiday is of course Hanukkah. every night you get a small gift leading up to the big one. so what I'm thinking of doing with a girl that I marry is like for every night I give her hints and or smaller presents, leading up to the 8th night when I give her the ring and get down on one knee. not right now though. I'm still only single. I just was kinda thinking of it. so my question is. what do you think? is it different? is it cute? what? I want feedback


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  • In one word: Lovely!

    It's a wonderful idea! I wish you good luck :P

    (I'm not jewish, nor do I know when Hanukkah is, so Maybe I'm to late. but still ;))

    • Im not getting married yet ha!. but chanukah is usually in december, sometimes november

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    • Wha, I have to read up on that.. *mumble mumble* I'm not religious; but I do believe in god. And I like the various ways people show their faith :)

      Thanks for the information! But I'll stop reacting now, it looks like I'm spamming this question lol :P

      Good luck when you're ready ;)

    • U can't spam a message. freedom of speech. talk all you want

  • its a cute idea. it seems to me like you are not the first to think that idea nor will you be the last. it is nice tho I like it a lot =]


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