He's my cousin far away through marriage.

okay, so the guy I have MAJOR feelings for is very funny very friendly... He's also my cousin far away through marriage. PLEASE don't say that's it's sick I like him because he flirts with me all the time and we just consider each other family because we know each other so well. So at school we walk home together and stuff but when I send him a message on MySpace he never replies, and I gave him my number but he never calls or texts! Also I messaged him on MySpace asking if he wanted to go see 2012 and he didn't reply. When I asked him in school he said he couldn't. Then on Facebook he writes for his status

"2012 tonight!" I read it and was like what the f*** d*** head?! It's p*ssing me the f*** off! seriously, I'm so sick of this! What do I do?do I act like I'm mad at him at school? He's gonna act like NOTHING is wrong. I am mad at him though. but also he is SO funny and can't stand to stay mad at him. I just want him to like me, and I think he secretly does... only I'm "bigger" than him.


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  • yeah I wouldn't even consider that your "cousin" way too distant in the whole chain of relations and obvs not even blood related, but nevertheless it's definitely a tricky, different situation to make work


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  • Regardless of how he is your cousin- he is still your cousin. I think this is something he has realized which would explain why he isn't returning your calls or texts. To be blunt the way you are acting makes it seem like he is your boyfriend or a serious crush- and to someone who has identified themselves as your cousin or as family can come across as needy and can put him off.

    Youre not wrong in this- but I would try and relax and turn your energies elsewhere.

    Imagine, even if he did like you back- you two can never get married. Even if you don't want to marry him, can you imagine explaining to everyone you meet that he is your cousin. Let alone explaining it to your parents or your family.

    its just more trouble than its worth.

    • But he's not really my cousin. We are only "related" because his aunty's aunty is married to my uncles cousins uncle. very very far. But I see your point and agree, thanks!

    • You may want to make sure of your information before you pass it off as fact. In many places, even first blood cousins can marry. There is almost no place a relation as she is describing could not get married. Nobody should let what others think keep them from they want, especially when it isn't wrong.

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