Is he thinking about marriage??

OK, I know for a fact that my boyfriend loves me very, very much. But what I'm wondering is if he wants to take the next step in our relationship. Here's some reasons why I think he might want to get married...

- He keeps mentioning marriage to me in everyday conversations. For example, he's told me that if we got married he could take care of my college expenses when my scholarship runs out in a couple years. He's also said that we would have to plan our wedding around my "time of the month." lol (this was after I had a really bad case of PMS)

- He wants to get our picture taken at a professional photographer so we can give the pictures as Christmas presents.

- He asked my parents what they wanted for Christmas presents. My mom said she wanted a grandson. He joked around and told her that it would probably be a little difficult to do before Christmas, but definitely later.

- He's told me that he wanted me to be the mother of his children.

- He lost his virginity to me. He told me that he was waiting around for the right person, and he finally found her... me.

- He told me he's never felt this way about a girl before.

- We've never gone a day without talking, and when I'm sick he's always there to take care of me and he constantly asks me how I'm feeling.

- He loves spending money on me. And, hey, I don't mind. =)

- Also, family is very important to him. He's a soldier and he just recently came home from Iraq. His brother is getting married next year when he comes home from the war, and his sister is getting married soon, but she lives with her fiance and two children. For both of us, family is extremely important and we both want to keep our families close. He's close to my mom. My mom and I work together, so when he stops by to see me at work, he always goes and jokes around with my mom before he leaves. I also work with his mom, and we talk all the time.

I'm just wondering if he could have marriage on the mind. Does he want to take the next step?


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  • It seems so


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