Signs he's about to propose?

I think my boyfriend will propose eventually (he's said that he wants to spend his life with me) but I'm not sure when he'll do it. What are some of the hints you (or your guy) gave that it was about to happen?

He seems to be gazing into my eyes a lot more lately, spending much more time with me than usual, and seems to have an unusual interest in my fingers and my ring. When I ask what he's thinking, he says he's thinking about us or our relationship (and looking very happy when he says it) but doesn't elaborate. He talks a lot about things we'll do together someday (years away).

I'm quite sure he'll eventually ask, but it's making me crazy trying to figure out when it will be! What did you guys do as the time got closer?


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  • Stop trying to figure it out. You get the engagement, bridal shower, every last single freaking detail of the wedding itself, most of the honeymoon, and then more than half of the say for the rest of time. Just chill out and let your man enjoy this one thing that is entirely his. If you start probing and actually figure something out you will have ruined it for him.


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