Girls, Who is wrong? Me or her?

I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. After she said yes i sweetly asked her if i can have a bunch of big kisses. She give me a few weak kisses.

I jokingly said 'aww you've gotta give me some big ones."

She refused. I sweetly asked for it again and sweetly said it would make me so happy. She got annoyed so i called her selfish and accused her of thinking that this is only about her and we got into a big fight.

Was what she did wrong? I think she doesn't appreciate the fact that I proposed. I didn't have to propose. I feel like she thinks the proposal is all about her. This was all i wanted during the proposal.

Who is wrong? me or her?

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She is wrong

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  • What the hell is wrong with you? If she doesn't want to kiss you, she doesn't have to kiss you. You don't get to be mad at her for not doing something she doesn't want to do. If you're only proposing to get a big kiss out of it, you shouldn't be proposing, you should be learning how to be an adult. You're acting like you're doing her this huge favor and she should be beyond grateful. Hey, guess what? She didn't have to say yes. You should be grateful she accepted and stop worrying so much about how she reacted.

    By the way, I can guarantee your "sweetly" asking wasn't nearly as sweet as you think it was. It's pretty easy to tell when somebody is faking being sweet (and you were clearly faking it), and it's extremely off putting.

    Ridiculous. If this is your attitude towards her and your relationship, I hope she comes to her senses and calls off the wedding.


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  • You are both wrong. She could have given in and gave you some kisses, but you expected more from her and when she didn't give it to you, you treated her mean and started an argument. If you can't even handle her not being able to give you the kiss you think you need, then how will you handle marriage to her?

    You two need to apologize to each other then talk about why you both did what you did and realize it is probably a mis interpretation on both your parts.

    Best of luck to you :-)

  • She is wrong because all you wanted was some kisses to know she was happy. She should have jumped all over you.. Lol!

  • she may just not have been in the mood. you two need to grow up

  • You accused her of being selfish and thinking everything is about her? That's a little much...

  • You are wrong.

  • She obviously was not in the mood for any type of affection

  • Does it have to be that black and white? She could have been overwhelmed at that moment. She may have needed a moment to catch up with what happened.

    • She had lots of time. And out of curiosity, which poll option did you choose

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    • But woldn't someone get angry because she thinks she is the one who is right?

    • She is wrong point blank. I would be mad if I was the one asking her to get married and she acted like that. No way!!

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