How should a wife console and convince her husband who (is a simple person) is upset about her past and her talking and meeting with her exes?

How should she make him feel secure and stop worrying about all that?


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  • I don't understand why she is still in touch with her exs. I don't think that's okay there in the past for a reason. Why is she trying to bring them to her future? That is weird something is going on. And its not okay don't let her do that. If she wants to play that game talk to one of your exs in front of her to see if she likes it. Now don't do something stupid and sleep with your ex or anything. But talk to her in front of her to see how she feels. That's not right what she is doing


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  • why would she be still in touch with her exes? that's shady


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  • She shouldn't be meeting her exes. Sounds like she's trying to take advantage of his relative lack of smarts.

    • Is it objectionable?

    • It sounds like she's cheating.

    • Oh... its hard for the husband but still...