The girls you sleep and the one you marry?

Is it true that men choose girls to sleep with and fool around with, but when it comes to marriage they want a wholesome pure girl who they can take home to mom?

I've also heard that some men think it's acceptable to cheat on their wives with women they consider to be not worth marrying. They claim to love their wives, and their love is the reason they choose to do shall we say less conventional things in bed with other women.

How can your wife be the person for you is you can't be open with her about what you want? And how can someone even try to justify cheating this way?


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  • I used to find virgins appealing but then I figured I want someone with experience instead. I found out that whoever I have sex with I want her to show me a few tricks that not even the years of porn that I have watched has taught me. Oh by the way, I'm a virgin. I'm not interested in finding "the one" or my soul mate. In fact, I'm not really looking for anything specific right now. Whenever I do get married, I would rather have sex with the girl a few times before she says, "I do. " Oh yeah, I can be open with you right now, I want to be dominated (that's turned me on so far).


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  • I have guy cousin that screw around with girls left and right. But he wants a pure girl. As long as she's a virgin and has no experience whatsoever. SO yeah I guess some guys do. At least what I know of my cousin. At least that's what he told me. But yet he's still screwing around with girls and he doesn't care.

  • good question men who do these types of acts i believe are deeply insecure. they put up a front to prove to others how life should be because that is the way they where raised.but in reality they cheat because they need more validation that they still got it. to cheat on their wives is the thrill of it as well. the whole some girl will be to blind to see what the husband is up to.idf a man was self validated withing himself he will not preform such acts.