I don't feel loved

we've been together for 2 years and are engaged. Sometimes well I don't feel loved like he doesn't do anything loving like giving me attention. I feel like I'm invisible the only thing I get is a peck on the lip when I leave and nothing else. What can I do?


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  • I personally think you're too young to be engaged, especially only after 2 years. My parents were engaged at 18 and 19 but had been together since 13 and 14.. they're still married. The world is a different place now, you two really don;t know who you each are individually yet.. Sounds like the honeymoon period ended.

    • We were suppose to get married last october but I called the wedding off I tolg him that I though I shold be happier about it than I was. I love him and want to have a family with him but well there is a big question in mind about it.

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  • Why did you say yes when he asked you to marry him?

  • try talking to him about how you feel =]


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