Gays and Gay Rights Supporters, what were your reactions to hearing the marriage equality ruling?

I am a supporter of gay rights. I didn't grow up that way and didn't know any gays as a child, but the older I got, the further I traveled, the more I saw of hummanity in general, I began to understand more and more about the cause and to understand what love truly means whether that be straight love or love between two people who happen to be gay. It was such an emotional day for a lot of my friends, many really feeling as though a weight had been lifted off of their shoulders and that they could now marry the ones many had spent lifetimes with already. So where were you when you heard the news and what were some of your reactions to the good news?


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  • I'm not from US so it didn't really bother me.. Ireland was even first to ratify gay marriage and it didn't bother me too, I think it's good. Gives a feeling of free to them and gives gay couples the benefits of married status from the government.


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  • I'm fine with it. I guess it was inevitable. Gay? Who cares you're allowed to do whatever you wanna do. But I'm not crazy about the ones who exercise PDA. It's like they're trying to make people uncomfortable. I don't have anything against homosexuals, I mean I'm peeved when a man and a woman are making out in the street. But for a person to be gay and make out with the same sex in public, it's looking for trouble. Like saying "I'm gay and I'm allowed to do whatever the hell I want and if people don't accept it F them," is totally fine it just means your gay. But saying "F them and let me stick my tongue down my boyfriends throat in front of people to spite them," means you're an asshole.

    • it would be helpful if you read the question first.

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