What is the best way to show the gay community that the bible teaches to hate the sin and love the sinner without being thrown in prison?

And yes the bible teaches that hate is not objectively evil. God hated evil.


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  • The only thing you can do is to respectfully try to tell them your and ultimately Gods view on the matter. Try to do it as respectfully and lovingly as possible, but don't be afraid to tell the truth. That being said, some people just can't take any negative criticism, and you always risk being sued or labeled religious fanatic when you disagree with the gay community.

    • Thanks for the MHO! :)

    • The only reason i did it is because im a bigot and so are you, so we bigots need to stick together!

    • Haha you are definitely right. Bigots unite!

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  • They say their opinion, I respect it. I say mine and am told Im a judgmental horrible person.

  • The Bible says to preach the gospel. The Bible also says that God made one women and one Men. That's means that a men should NOT be with a other men. Or a women with a women. But people live how ever they want but one day we will all be before God on judgment day.

  • Why don't you start by explaining how love is sinful?

    • Or you could start on the millions of straight couples having sex out of wedlock. Or you could keep your prurient nose out of other people's bedrooms!

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    • The catholic churchs position against gay marriage as hypocritical as it might be is STILL a red herring and a strawman.
      YOU FAIL.

    • Woohoo turn on even more insults.
      Well you started it so here goes, the fact you are so hung up over gay people obviously means you are repressing your own sexuality. Come on out of the closet!

      I don't fail, you haven't provided one single tiny reason why being gay is wrong, you've only managed to reinforce the obvious: It's built on fear and prejudice

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  • By hiding the parts of the Bible that teach you to hate the sinner and hope they don't discover them until they're too indoctrinated to resist.

    The Bible is full of hate and vengeance (and contradiction), you're just reading it selectively like everyone else.

    It's not like the Bible matters that much anyway, nobody follows it. Christianity is as much or more about the culture that developed around the church over the last 2000 years as it is about what's in the Bible. The Christian religion is the reality of what its adherents say and do day to day, not the contents of a book.

    • Good to know you don't see the irony in stating that everyone reads the bible selectively and yet you claim objective knowledge that the bible has contradictions.

    • There's no irony to see, because I recognize that some parts of the Bible promote love and compassion as you say, but that there are also parts of the Bible that promote fear and bloody vengeance against people.

      That's objectively a contradiction.

    • When you say "EVERYONE" reads it selectively it means you take whatever meaning you want from it, and there is no objective meaning behind someones subjective opinion.
      Which means its inherent contradictions is just YOUR subjective opinion.

      Your special pleading case has been noted.

  • Doesn't work that way. They're allowed to disagree with your views. You just aren't allowed to disagree with their views

  • It's not your place to teach anybody anything. Especially Christians.

  • Well, you are putting a lot of stock in a translation, I think the original word was that he was repulsed by it.

    • "To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech."
      Proverbs 8:13

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    • Also, different Bible versions struggle with the phrase "hated" and some adopt "unloved" or "disliked", as softer phrases. However, the Hebrew word used in the second phrase is cowdh - view larger image sânê' (Strong’s #8130) which in its more than 140 uses is ALWAYS translated by 'hate' or by words indicating 'foe' or 'enemy'.

    • ill have to look up the passage. My Bible isn't here in the office but I have a bible written in the ancient hebrew at home. I will recheck the word there. I am fluent in ancient hebrew.

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