What are your views on marriage?

Is marriage just a legally binding piece of paper? Is it a union of two souls? Or is it something else entirely?

I personally called my husband my "hubby" long before we got married. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but weren't ready to sign the papers for a number of reasons. For all intents and purposes you could call what we had a common-law-marriage, though we weren't in a live-in situation.

What to you distinguishes the husband/wife relationship from other serious relationships? Is the institution of marriage fading? Should we phase it out all together? Or is the institution of marriage something sacred - a tradition to be kept alive for an indefinite amount of time?


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  • It can be kept alive depending on the individuals. Sure, some marriages don't last. We have high divorce rates, but we also have marriages that have stood the test of time. I have seen in the paper where one couple had been married over 80 years, and were about 100 and 96, respectively, if I remember right.


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  • I think that marriage is waste of time. Because there are so many failed marriages these days. As for me I don't plan on getting married, but just have a female companion.

    • As in a life partner?

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    • Bottom line I don't want the commitment . I would rather be successful businessman.

    • Got you - there are rewards to commitment; however, if you think the balance of risk and rewards is more even in business, then I suppose business for you is the logical choice. I hope it brings you happiness.

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  • Marriage is really special I think. It's sad when people say it's just a piece of paper, I think it will bring two people closer, take that bond onto a completely different level. It's a really serious thing though but if two people are totally in love and really plan on spending the rest of their lives together then why wouldn't they get married? More and more people are getting divorced and that's why more and more people are saying there is no point in marriage and that it's impossible to stay with the same person. People say you aren't the same person at 20 as you are when you're 70 but I've seen two sets of grandparents stay married until death, my parents are still married and have been together since my mum was only 17, plus, some of my friends parents are still married and my best friends parents where together until one of them died. So it can happen. I would never get married any time soon but if I fell in love then I defo will.

    • I have seen couples stay together that long in a marriage type relationship without being married (including heterosexual couples). I personally think the legal binding is the "piece of paper" part. That contract is easily broken through divorce. But the bond that you make, the (serious) vows to commit through good and bad, the way you treat one another is what really defines a marriage (think about people who get married only for convenience and not love - is that really a marriage?)

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    • Thank you for being so honest and open, and thank you for helping me gain some clarity on how you feel about marriage. I am glad that you view it as something special. :)