Do you think the concept of marriage is outdated?

I find it rather strange that today people still place such a high regard towards marriage even though the divorce rates are going up. I understand the appeal of it; to signify your comittment to your partner but, commitment is still just a word and it doesn't stop people from cheating or falling out of love. It's sad to see a couple who once believed that they were the happiest people alive split up after devoting that they will be together for ever. This is why I personally see greater appeal in cohabiting rather than implementing the more severe changes that marriages bring that are harder to reverse and leave greater damage should things go wrong.

That's simply on the negative side. On the positive side, if two people indeed love each other why do the need the validation of society to bind them? After the ceremony they are still the same people or is the main appeal the large spectacle of the process; people cheering for them and showing their support? If people want to be together for ever why not just be together for ever?


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  • "if two people indeed love each other why do the need the validation of society to bind them?"

    perhaps the couple does not see it that way. everyone is different. I feel like some people get married just because that's what is expected to happen eventually once they have "found each other" or because that's just the way its always been but it seems like more and more people are not wiling to get married, but simply find a life partner.


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  • People have been trying to come up with a better solution for a few thousand years but I don't know of any which have worked out.

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