Why do homosexuals sow the seeds of quarrel?

Why has our nation grown so divided? The book of Proverbs states clearly that one reaps what thou sows. Who has challenged the definition of marriage in our courts? The answer is so lucid its been hidden under our very noses. The seeds of quarrel have been planted amidst my fellow country men, and the homosexuals are the sowers. Why have we stood by and allowed such unnecessary controversy?


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  • Oh fuck off.. homosexuals didn't sow the seeds of quarrel - they simply asked to be granted the same LEGAL rights as straight people... which has not a damn thing to do with you or your religion/beliefs. Marriage is a LEGAL INSTITUTION, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH religion, except and unless the two people getting married decide that it does.

    Does it upset you when a straight, atheist couple wants to get married? Where were the goddamn picket signs at all those weddings, hhhhhmmmm?

    It wasn't homosexuals or their allies who made this into a fight - it was regressive, socially conservative dickbags who somehow think that what other people do with their lives and in their bedrooms is somehow their business, and who want to force THEIR religious ideas onto other peoples' relationships. Don't believe in gay marriage? Don't get one! IT'S SO SIMPLE.

    Oh, and I'mma just leave this here:

    • Perhaps before posting about something you clearly know nothing about look up the difference between Mosaic law and the new testament.

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  • You don't want homosexual marriage? OK.

    Then don't have one.
    The only objections to it would come from the Bible and the Koran.

    The Bible:


    The Koran is an Arab adapted version of the Bible, written in the 7th century, in another continent and in a writing and a language few Americans understand.


    These books are full of contradictions and way too old to determine our way of life.

    Forget about the few verses about homosexuality each of these contain and live your life today.


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  • no quarrel cuz people dont agree. If people worried less of other personal lives there'd be less quarrel

  • Its funny how hypocritical this is...

  • its not because of homosexuals...


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  • It must get claustrophobic living in such a tiny world

  • I don't know, but here, have this:

  • This question is sowing the seed of quarrel, hypocrite.

    • I have only ever harvested peace and prosperity but sowing tranquility requires sweat at times and this is the work.

    • That's why you went anonymous?

      I consider anonymous questions of this kind (be it homosexuality, race , men vs women, politics or religion) to be just trolling. I suppose you're going to block me now. That's part of the trolling.

    • L M F A OOOOO

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