Is open relationship after marraige a good choice as some people adopt now?

Whats are its pros and cons?


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  • what does adoption have to do with an open relationship? im confused :/

    • I said some people adopt the choice of living in open relationship after marraige... clear this time?

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    • I also feel curious sometimes... why people do so...

    • He was right when he said "adopt" o. o

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  • No, definitely not. It will inevitably end the marriage

    People need to stop fucking up the traditional marriage, if you feel the need for an open marriage you probably don't love him. Marriage is about 1 person not 100s.


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  • As long as the people are open about it and have rules they agree on (and follow) there shouldn't be an issue.

    • What are the rules?

    • The rules are whatever the couple agrees on.

      Such as, is the home off limits?
      Do they want to meet and approve of who their partner meets?
      Is it just an open relationship or can the couple date a person together, or can it be more of a poly situation where its more romantic than a friends with benefits type thing.

      And so on.

  • That is bad as it lowers trust as all infidelity does.

    • Thank you for the opinion :)

  • I know someone who's in an open marriage. She did it because she's overweight and has low self-esteem. Her "husband" started fucking around with another chick-which is ok, but apparently, the person I know got pissed because he violated the rule of "no sex in the first 90 days." He got a blow job, and the person I know got pissed at the chick... not her "husband." The shit is fucking stupid!!!

    • Why do people live in such way?

    • I think some people are just desperate to please someone... have low self-esteem... or not sure of themselves. I would never, ever, ever do it!

    • Me too... but I feel curious sometimes