I am scared to get married. Logical or irrational?

The laws swing so favourably to women when it comes to marriage and kids. For example, she can take 1/2 of your stuff and the kids in a blink of an eye. I am terrified!


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  • Yes it's irritational because in my opinion you shouldn't marry someone you'll divorce. Get a prenup to protect your stuff but don't become involved with a girl that would keep your kids from you. Getting custody in the courts is one thing but wiping you out of their lives is another. My friend's parents are divorced, mom has custody but they spend a lot of time with their father anyway. My parents were divorced, my mom had custody, and still drove us 6 hours away to spend the summer with him every year. I think these fears will go away once you meet a woman that you find suitable for marriage. If she still makes you worry about this stuff, don't put a ring on it :)


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  • Well, 1/2 of the stuff from a marriage is pretty fair, since you both contributed things to the marriage and should both get things when it breaks up, and the kids should go to whoever is most suited to them. I'd say that this is irrational because 1. you don't know that your future wife would ever do that and, 2. you could just get a pre-nup and then that doesn't have to happen?

    • She can get 1/2 of a man's stuff even if he got it before marriage...

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    • You were going to argue whatever I said just to make women look bad :P Are you ignoring my advice to get a pre-nup? (Also remember that men would get 1/2 of the total property too - meaning that you'd take some of the woman's stuff)

    • pre nups dont work if she has a good lawyer

  • Are you going into marriage with the expectation of divorce?
    I know divorce levels are sky rocketing but your story is not the same as millions other's.
    Having said that, it's perfectly normal to be scared. Our future is unpredictable.
    But hey, just hope for the best and marry the one you are willing to risk it for!
    Whatever it is, please don't go in with the expectation of divorce. that really messes things up.

  • You also get half her stuff, and you could end up with custody...


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