Engaged but still jealous of an old crush?

I have a guy friend who is also an old crush. We liked each other a lot and wanted to have a relationship but we were states apart and he had serious heart problems that almost got him kicked out of the Army. I was beside him the whole time he was going through it. He never made it clear if he really wanted to be with me or not so I moved on and got with someone else after he got his heart surgery. And we are now engaged. My old crush found out about my engagement and told me he had feelings for me the whole time but wasn't sure if he should start a relationship if he was just going to die. My old crush and I stopped talking for a while then I decided to hit him up today. I find out that he likes another girl and had some troubles with her and looks up to me for advice. I don't mind helping him but at the same time I was jealous. I don't want to be with him or anything I just don't get why It bothers me that he just yaks on about how great this other girl is.


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  • Hmmmmmm Because you have feelings for him and you never really got over it or moved on as you re saying?

    If you re really not so sure about how you feel toward this guy then don't marry your fiancee..its never too late don't hurt his feelings..you could be still hung up on your friend. don't do that!

    why don't you talk about your true feelings with your friend and see how it goes.. if you guys are in love with each other... maybe you guys are meant to be together. if you don't actually love this guy then you shouldnt even be jealous of the new gurl. as simple as that.

    if you don't want to be with him or tell him how you really feel then try to back off for a little while untill you re actually Over Him...once and for all!

    The fact that he told you that he had feelings for you the whole time and you had no idea still bothers you and I know how you feel, I know that you re actually thinking '' what would have happen if...!?'', right?

    you re confused now... you should be taking time and thinking of which one you actually want to be with... the fiancee ( whom you didn't even mention in the question) or ( the old/current love) ?