What is the alliance phase in an arranged marriage? Is it the same or different than the Western idea of marital engagement?


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  • eh? wot's "alliance phase"?

    never ehard about it... but arranged-marriages a big no-no... chances to fail r ultra-high!


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  • I am not sure what you mean by alliance phase.

    But this is how it works in some countries
    1. when the parents hears about a good guy, they talk to learn more about the boy. Once they believe he is good for the daughter, they will show a pic of him to her.

    2. The daughter decides if she is interested or not.
    3. The guy and his family visits the girl's house. They talk , they ask questions, etc. It goes on for a while.
    4. Once the guy and girl are sure they want to marry each other, the parents proceed with the wedding process.

    Google it for clear explanation. I might have missed some points.


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