What makes marriage so important?

As far as we know, human beings are the only things in the universe that marry. Why? It's not like a requirement to have sex or children. Some of us know that all too well. So why is it such a blessed miracle and unwritten law for 2 people to marry at some point in their relationship? Is it just that official title?

What is your reasoning?

  • For religious reasons
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  • Theoretically, marriage is a social construct that isn't really required for procreation or societal solidity. But that being said, it's a ritual pretty deeply entrenched in all human society. Most tribes have some sort of marriage ceremony as both a rite of passage into the next phase in one's life and a singal to other interested parties that both individuals are no longer available for the taking. I suppose in prehistoric caveman days it was more of a business arrangement than anything else- men protected the women, women were able to carry men's children. It was still kind of a business arrangement up until about mid-20th century when the suffrage movement granted women more freedom and independence- then marriage became a symbol of commitment and love in a relationship.

    Personally, I still see marriage as a kind of rite of passage for me- like moving out, getting a degree, getting a good job, having kids. It's part of what I want for myself in life. Why marriage exactly? Basically, I see marriage as a sign of commitment and agreement that we're on the same page- if we get married, it means we both want to take the same general path in life. I can date a guy, sleep with a guy who doesn't want kids, but I would never be able to marry one. Marriage says "we plan to spend the rest of our futures together and we want the same things out of those futures". Now obviously, it doesn't always work out that way- sometimes you realize you DIDN'T want the same things or life changes you and you grow apart. But to me, marriage signifies that we plan to go through life together and work at continuing to be on the same path. Moving in doesn't say that for me- it says I love you, I'm committed to you to a point- an undefined point because it doesn't signify a new phase in your life, just your relationship.

    BUT, that being said, I don't see anything wrong with people who don't believe in marriage- you have to do what feels right in your life. I just wouldn't ever stay in a long term relationship with one because we want different things...


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  • i agree with The_Box, marriage is an extension of love. Its like a promise to love someone forever. Also, the tradition of rings and titles and surnames connected with marriage function as a way of telling other people that you are unavailable and committed for life.

  • ha ha because were the only species that learned how to pick up a pen and sign are name, dam why did we learn that. Also we are the only species intelligent and capable enough to form a life time bond. :)


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  • Human beings also do a lot of other unique things.

    Marriage is just a ceremony of human nature. Humans fall in love. They don't ever want that feeling to fade so they want to make it a lifelong commitment where no person or thing can break them apart. Because so many people feel this way, it became customary in every culture and just evolved from there.

    It's really just an extension of love.

  • Marriage evolved as a means for women to control men lol. Historical evidence shows that back in uncivilized times it was men, not women who were leashed into marriage. In uncivilized times men would travel and basically pick up women who much like girls now were horny and had sex. The women would get stuck with a pregnancy while the man moved on and left her behind. However life wasn't so harsh for women! As long as she managed to keep up with him he would protect her. Now anthropologists don't know the exact date that marriage started, but they believe when it did it happened when a lesser man(not as strong, not as good a leader, or less attractive physically) met an alpha female. They did the nasty and he tried to leave, but she wasn't having any of that lol. She either forced him to stay with her or she was one of the few women that took an interest in him. So because he wasn't really the best thing in the world at the time and she was loving him anyway they bonded. He stayed with her and devoted his time not to travel, but instead to improve their living conditions and there you have it... Civilization was born! Eventually they maintained a working life and picked up others and those women saw that they too could control their men and keep them to protect them while they bore children. More and more people kept coming and sticking together and they built a tribe of individuals. The men and women married and the men stayed with only one woman till death and she stayed with only one man. They relied on each other and would never do anything to cause harm to one another. However as men and women stopped needing each other cheating happened... It was cheating that lead to the derogatory terms used for women now. The reason these terms flourished with women instead of men is when a man cheated it was with a woman whom could do nothing to claim the child as his. When a woman cheated she gave birth to a child looking nothing like the man and there you have it... The irony though is it wasn't man who created these insults against women, but women themselves! Women who were married that sadly enjoyed calling others names depending on what they did. A wife who cheated a bitch(female in heat looking to breed). A woman who has sex with other wives men a slut(girl who promiscuously has sex). A woman who has babies by more than one father a whore(girls who sleeps with a lot of men). However sadly as of now their is no real reason for men and women to marry. So oh well lol. Women created marriage and women destroyed it. The irony of life truly is amazing.

  • Back when the world was more dangerous and women didn't have means or survivability, marriage was parents' way of ensuring their daughters didn't just get knocked up and then starve to death in some plague-infested ditch.

    Now that we don't have constant war and beasts to worry about and women can make their own living, men see marriage as a way women leech off their hard work and women see it as slavery and patriarchy rahh rahh rahh. Still, no one seems very eager to abolish it. It's mainly just a formality, kind of like a label on a relationship that seems to have staying power, but since it's so easy to get a divorce and we reward divorce by making one party (guess which) pay alimony to the other, it only serves to destroy relationships.

    • I kinda agree with this, coming from a broken home myself and being around a lot of others like that too.. guess I'm a little biased.

  • people don't want to be the first to rock the boat